From July 21-st all tickets will be sold with receipts


July 6, 2015, 7:47 p.m.

Traders and institutions that issue tickets, including for museums, sport events, concerts, for the use of sunbeds, beach umbrella, etc., Will be obliged to issue a receipt from July 21-st. They will be liable to report and record their sales through fiscal devices.

Exception from the new rule for receipts issuance when selling tickets sales for services is made in case that it comes to selling tickets, cards, subscription cards for passengers when their issuance is compulsory under enactment, as well as the sale of tickets, file cards, counterfoils and other certifying signs for participation in gambling.

The decision is published by changes and amendments to Regulation H-18 2006 for registering and sales reporting by fiscal devices and they are published inOfficial Gazette.