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ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. ensures utmost protection of its clients’ personal data processed in connection with the services provided by the company.

This Privacy Policy has been drafted on the basis of the current Bulgarian legislation in the field of personal data protection and of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

All amendments and supplements to this Privacy Policy will be applied after the updated content is published on our website This Privacy Policy applies to your personal data if you are a natural person or a representative of a legal person who is a client of ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. This Policy explains what personal information we process when providing our services, for what purposes will we use it, and what are your rights as a personal data subject.

Who processes and bears responsibility for your personal data?

ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. is a trade company registered in the Commercial Register to the Registry Agency under UIC 202441262, which collects, processes and stores your personal data under the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. is a personal data controller within the meaning of the Law on Personal Data Protection (LPDP).

You can contact us at our registered address:

1000 Sofia, 5, Dobrudzha Str., Tel./Fax: +359 2 981 89 95 or by completing the electronic contact form on our website:

1. What data do we process, for what purposes and on what legal grounds?

Depending on the specific purposes, ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. processes the following data, either alone or in combination.

1.1 Data categories

A) Data provided by you that is necessary for identification and for fulfilment of

the contractual obligations of ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. and of the client:

B) Data prepared and generated by ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. in the course of providing our services:



1.2. Purposes and legal grounds for the processing of personal data:

 A) Data processing which is necessary for the conclusion or execution of the contract. ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. processes your data for the following purposes:

B) In performance of its statutory obligations, ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. processes your data for the following purposes:

C) ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. also processes your data for the purposes of the following legitimate (lawful) interests of ours: legal procedures relating to the exercise of the rights arising from the

services provided by us; opening of bank accounts of the client at its request, establishment of trade companies at the client’s request, powers of attorney for representation of the client before various institutions in connection with the objectives and the fulfilment of the objectives of our contractual terms with the client, handling and preparation of staff records of the client’s employees, payment of remunerations to the client’s employees by bank transfer, ordering the payment of the client’s liabilities to suppliers and state institutions by bank transfer, drawing up of contracts at the client’s request, drawing up of powers of attorney at the client’s request.

2. Categories of third parties who are granted access to and process your personal data

2.1.    Processors who, on the basis of a contract signed with ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd., process your personal data on behalf of ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. or have a direct/indirect access to your personal data, could be:

2.2.      Other personal data controllers to whom ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. provides your personal data and who process your data on their own grounds and in their own name:

3. How long do we store your personal data?

3.1. The duration of storage of your personal data is dependent on the purpose of the processing for which they were collected:

4. What are your rights in relation to the processing of personal data by ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd.?

As our client, and as regards your personal data, you have the following rights:

4.1.    To gain access to your personal data and any information relating to them. You can request from ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. information whether and for what purposes do we process your personal data by filing a written application with the content referred to in Article 29 LPDP;

4.2.    To require your personal data to be erased, rectified or blocked where such data are inaccurate or should be supplemented, or their processing does not meet the requirements of the legislation;

 4.3.    To object before ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. at any time to the processing of personal data in the presence of legal grounds for this;

 4.4.    To withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, but only where the processing is based solely on your consent;

 4.5. To submit a complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection, if you consider that your rights have been affected.

5. Can you refuse to provide personal data to ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. and what are the consequences of such refusal:

To conclude a contract with you and to provide you with the requested services in accordance with our statutory obligations, ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. is in need of certain data. Your failure to provide the following data precludes ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA Ltd. from signing a contract for services/goods with you:

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