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Focus on the really important aspects from your Bulgarian business and simply leave all the paperwork to us.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accounting Services Bulgaria spares your company all the efforts related to maintaining precise and accurate bookkeeping and accounting, as well as familiarizing yourself with a new institutional environment.

Our team of professionals caters for the preparation of financial records and statements in accordance with IFRS and the Bulgarian accounting standards.

We perform on-going activities such as:

To create the solid base of financial information which companies need to justify their business decisions, we prepare:

Yet this list of services is far not exhaustive – we are applying a tailored approach to each and every customer to best suit their needs and wishes. Additional services include definition of the costs of products and services, internal auditing and administrative support.

Accounting Services Bulgaria would take care of the entire accountancy of your firm, monitor your results and advise you on your opportunities to increase profit and cut off costs.

Payroll and Insurance

Accounting Services Bulgaria provides a full-fledged payroll service to guarantee that employment terms are set clearly, documentation is accurate, and salaries and insurance instalments are paid accordingly.

In other words, we cater for the bureaucratic aspect of your relationship with employees. Preparing and processing of work contracts, pay-roll, insurance and employee leaves are too much of a burden for every company with a non-accounting scope. We understand that and are here to help you. Knowing well the legal and administrative requirements and procedures we will take care of all necessary registrations, declarations and notifications that need to be processed.

Furthermore, we assist our clients in the areas of work medicine and basic HR management.

For the customer’s convenience, all necessary information and documentation can be exchanged online, via a secure data room system.

Confidentiality is guaranteed in all services that we provide.