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Go beyond the advertised 10% income tax in Bulgaria. Learn how to get the most of the tax system for both corporate and individual income.

Accounting Services Bulgaria provides consultations and on-going support on tax matters to both individual and corporate clients. We help our customers understand the practical meaning of the regulatory framework, keep them up-to-date with legislative changes and amendments and advise them on how to protect their best interest within the legal obligations.

We provide relevant and timely information on tax types, due dates and rates and, of course, we perform all the necessary paperwork, including preparation and submission of tax-related documents, protocols and forms.

The corporate clients of Accounting Services Bulgaria get professional consultations on tax compliance, tax returns, and tax planning given the specific needs of their organizations.

You can rely on our professionalism in all areas of tax legislation, the major corporate taxes being:

We also provide additional consultations for non-resident firms and industry-specific tax obligations.

Tax Environment and Incentives in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s favourable tax environment is among the main factors that attract foreign investments. Check out the highlights.

Overview and comparison of the tax burden in Bulgaria and key EU economies, is provided in the table below:

CountryStandardStandardIndividual Income Tax
Bulgaria 20% 10% Flat rate 10%
Austria 25% 20% Progressive rate up to 50%
France 19.6% 33.33% Progressive rate up to 41%
Germany 19% 15% Progressive rate from 14% to 45%
Italy 21% 27.5% Progressive rate up to 43%
Portugal 23% 25% Progressive rate from 11.5% to 50%
Spain 21% 30% Progressive rate from 24% to 45%
United Kingdom 20% 24% Progressive rate from 20% to 50%

Source: Federation of international Trade Associations: