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If you are looking for an accounting firm with many years of experience in the market and a professional approach to its clients, you have come to the right place. Accounting Services Bulgaria guarantees high quality and optimal results in the provision of a wide range of accounting, payroll and business services. Customer satisfaction is our highest goal and its achievement is our most valuable asset.

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Who we are

Accounting Services Bulgaria provides professional accounting solutions and related services to domestic and foreign companies and individuals.

We combine the traditional values of the accounting profession such as diligence and accuracy with a pro-active and customer-oriented approach.

Providing accounting services in the Bulgarian market since 1999 we have developed extensive knowledge and know-how on its specificities as well as a long track record of successful assignments and satisfied customers.

At Accounting Services Bulgaria we will help you understand the framework you are operating in and fit into it at your best interest. We can assure professionalism, individual approach and absolute confidentiality.

Gergana Spirirdonova

Financial Manager and Owner

Gergana holds a Bachelor’s degree in “Human Resource Management” and two Master’s degrees – “Accounting and Control” and “Enterprise Finance”. She is also the founder and manager of “ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA” Ltd, “ASB CONSULTING” Ltd., “E & G ACCOUNT” Ltd. and “ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS” Ltd., united under the brand “ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA”. Gergana’s activity is to advise foreign investors when starting a business in Bulgaria, guiding them through all administrative and tax procedures and giving them financial advice in the field of activities they develop in Bulgaria. He also advises Bulgarian businesses in developing their business, optimizing their profits, and advises them on various tax and accounting issues arising from the management of their activities and the management of their personnel.

For contact: g.spiridonova@accountingservices.bg


Antonia Todorova

Head of accounting department

Antonia has a bachelor’s degree in “Business Administration” and a master’s degree in “Accounting and Auditing of Non-Financial Enterprises”. She has been part of the team of “ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA” EOOD since 2006 and leads the company’s accounting team. Antonia is a professional who is in charge and exercises control over all accounting activities of the company and its clients and maintains basic communication with over 100 clients.

For contact: a.todorova@accountingservices.bg


Iliana Mihailova

Senior Accountant

Iliana has a bachelor’s degree in “Business Administration”. She has been a member of the team since 2018. Iliana works with Bulgarian and foreign clients, I am responsible for the accounting activities of a large number of the counterparties of “ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA” and their staff.

For contact: i.mihaylova@accountingservices.bg


Stella Manolova


Stella holds a Bachelor of Commerce Economics and a Master of Finance from
University of National and World Economy. She has been part of the team since 2019. Stella is the newest accountant to join our team, but her responsiveness and professional skills in participating in the overall accounting and payroll services of the client ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA network make her a valuable and indispensable part of the team.

For contact: s.manolowa@accountingservices.bg


Victoria Stratieva

Office Manager

She studies at UNSS “Business Informatics”, she is the youngest employee in the company. Her loyalty and dedication to the team of “ACCOUNTING SERVICES BULGARIA” make her an important part of the correction, without which we cannot.

For contact: v.stratieva@accountingservices.bg



Our mission is to save our clients time, effort and resources and become their trusted partners in all matters related to accounting and business services.

We achieve this goal by providing a wide range of professional services aimed at the needs and interests of our clients and helping them overcome possible difficulties.

In the difficult global conditions of a pandemic, we support our clients (foreign and Bulgarian businessmen and investors) to start and develop their economic activities in and outside Bulgaria.


Accounting Services Bulgaria provides the full range of accounting and payroll services that a client could need. But that’s not all – we understand the complex needs of our customers and are growing our areas of activity and our partner network so that we can offer the best solutions for all these needs under one roof.
To get a more specific idea of ​​how we can be of service to you, please visit our services page.