Tax Advice

Achieve tax savings and get professional legal protection in all possible tax matters. You are no longer alone in coping with the tax system and all its challenges.

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To help its customers optimize their taxes and resolve tax-related issues Accounting Services Bulgaria is working in collaboration a highly renowned and experienced tax consultancy and protection firm.

Tax Audit and Optimization

A dedicated team of tax experts will analyse in detail your business case and helpyou develop the best strategy to legally minimize your tax obligations. You will get an evaluation of your tax risk, as well as expert advice on how to minimize it. Our partners will assist you to understand concrete tax principles and plan and implement specific tax policies, including transformation and restructuring of business operations.

Tax Representation and Legal Protection

The expert team will represent the best interest of your company in all tax-related interactions with state agencies, financial bodies and judicial institutions.

Their services include:

  • Assistance, consultation and protection during inspections and audits conducted by bodies of the National Revenue Agency or other financial authorities
  • Analysis of statements by bodies of the National Revenue Agency or other financial authorities and development of a protection framework and strategy
  • Preparation of claims, objections and appeals against tax audit reports and statements, penal measures, and court decisions
  • Preparation of refund applications for overpaid tax and insurance contributions; Refunding of interest and applying Double Taxation Treaties
  • Legal protection and representation in court by lawyers specializing in tax- and finance law